Your Pet, Our Priority


Dog Walking, Pet Sitting & Grooming 

Terms & Conditions

The pet owner is responsible and will ensure that their dog is up-to-date with their vaccinations, flea and tick treatments and de-wormer treatments.

The pet owner accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused by their dog whilst being walked/groomed. The pet owner is financially responsible for any loss or damage to property whilst their dog is being looked after. Woofers Walkers & Groomers are not held accountable for vet fees or third party claims whilst your dog is in our care.

The pet owner is to make full disclosure of any quality or characteristic problems which might make their dog not suitable for walking or home care/sitting; including behavioural or health problems, antisocial behaviour; including aggression, incontinence or lack of house training and excessive loud barking or whining. Failure on the part of the owner to disclose any matter which might render owner’s dog unsuitable for walking, grooming or home care/sitting will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of our agreement. If as a result of non disclosure your dog causes harm to any person or animal whilst in our care you will be responsible for any costs incurred.  We highly recommend your pet is insured and covered for third party.

Woofers Walkers & Groomers can only offer home visits with let-out into a secure garden.  We reserve the right not to walk/groom bitches in season.

Woofers Walkers & Groomers (in training) - The trainee groomer will not be held liable nor responsible for irritation, abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin conditions or as a result of the process of grooming, de-matting, thinning, stripping or clipping.  With all grooming procedures there is an element of risk involved and a risk assessment will be carried out to reduce any risk as far as possible.

We make every effort to contact the owner in the event of an emergency. We recommend owners provide us with a contact number of a trusted third party should we be unable to make contact. However, we reserve the right to make decisions regarding your pet’s health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the pet and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon. The pet owner is responsible for payment of any veterinary fees incurred by Woofers Walkers & Groomers for their pet.


Walking - Clients are advised to book as early as possible in order that we can guarantee availability.  We will accept bookings at short notice, provided there is an available booking slot. All bookings are payable at time of booking in full by cash, if paying by bank transfer, payment is required 24 hours prior to walking booking.  Bank details will be provided.

Sitting - We ask for a minimum of two-days notice prior to proposed visits and require a deposit at time of booking, full balance payment will be required 1 week prior to sitting start date due by cash or bank transfer.  Bank details will be provided.  Deposits are non-refundable should you decide to cancel your booking.

Grooming - Clients are advised to book in advance for all grooming appointments.  All grooms are payable  after the groom in full by cash.  We hope to offer other forms of payment methods in the future.


Walking - You may cancel your booked slot and provided you give a minimum of 24-hours notice, you will be refunded. However, if cancellation is made within 24-hours of the walk commencing, the full rate will be charged/non-refundable.
Sitting - You may cancel your booked visits provided you give a minimum of 24 hours notice, you will be refunded at the discretion of Woofers Walkers & Groomers.  However, if cancellation is made within 24-hours of the walk commencing, the full rate will be charged/non-refundable.

Grooming - You may cancel your booked appointment at any time.  Woofers would appreciate as much notice as possible in order that someone else can take your appointment in this eventuality.